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Puncture Repairs

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We at Osborne Park Tyrepower in Perth will only repair your punctured tyre if it is safe to do so... your safety is paramount to us, and the last thing you need is a flat tyre.

In the event of one of your tyres sustaining an injury from an object that has been driven over, we at Osborne Park Tyrepower in Perth will only proceed with repairing tyres if we deem it repairable and safe.

When a tyre is damaged from a nail or screw it can usually be repaired by a trained technician and can be safely used for the rest of the tyre's tread life.

At Osborne Park Tyrepower in Perth, we will only use a combination patch and plug system which seals the puncture path and covers an area over the tubeless tyre liner inside the tyre. This type of tyre repair can only be done by, first removing the tyre from the road wheel and inspecting the inside of the tyre for any further damage to the structure of the tyre. Sometimes the tyre will sustain damage to the structure when it is driven on with a low air pressure.

Once our technician deems your tyre safe to repair, he will begin a process that takes about 30 minutes using hi-tech German materials.

If you have been to other Perth tyre outlets that will "fix" your tyre in a few minutes for a cheap price, you will be compromising yours and other road user's safety as shown in red in the diagram below.

repairable puncture repair zone diagram
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For more information about Puncture Repairs at Osborne Park Tyrepower, call us directly on (08) 9444 2233 or use the form to send us a message.

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