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StraightTrak LFM

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Solves problems with your vehicle pulling even with the wheels and suspension aligned perfectly...

Eliminate tyre-related drift and pull issues.

At Osborne Park Tyrepower we are constantly searching for better ways to service our clients by keeping up with the latest tyre and wheel technology.

One of the most difficult handling issues to fix is a tyre pull problem. Tyre forces are the most elusive, and until recently, unmeasurable conditions leading to pull problems.

Tyre-related pulls are caused by lateral forces in the tyres. Lateral force is the amount of left or right pull force created as the tyre rolls along the road. This condition may cause a vehicle to steer away from straight ahead. These forces are primarily created by conicity and cannot be detected during standard wheel balancing or wheel alignment service. Though steering drift can be verified through road tests, solving pull-related problems has often been trial and error operation... until now.

This process is performed during the wheel balancing procedure on our Hunter "Road Force Measurement" system, by using this method we can determine the net tyre pull of all four tyres and strategically position them on the vehicle to make it track straight. We find that each and every tyre will have some degree of bias. Pull or drift can be eliminated or minimized using the StraightTrak LFM method.

Osborne Park Tyrepower stores are the industry leaders with StraightTrak tyre drift and tyre pull technology...

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