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Road Force Measurement

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A wheel is out of balance when one section is heavier than the others. By balancing the wheel it re-distributes the weight evenly around the tyre & wheel assembly. This adds to the vehicles safety and the length of the tyres life, but it is not always completely effective and you may still experience a wheel balance problem.

At Osborne Park Tyrepower in Perth we are known for solving tyre and wheel related problems when others in our industry have failed. At Osborne Park Tyrepower we have a UNIQUE method of balancing wheels, perfect for today's ultra-sensitive vehicles, this is called "Road Force Measurement".

The GSP9700 Vibration Control System extends far beyond the traditional functions of a wheel balancer. It not only solves wheel balancing problems, but also "road tests" the wheel and tyre assembly to eliminate every variable causing vibration coming from the tyre or wheel.

We have been using this vibration control system at Richard's Tyrepower since 1999 and literally have clients from all over the state coming to us for vibration free driving. We also have tyre manufacturers such as Pirelli, Cooper and Toyo and more recommending us to eliminate vibrations initialised from other tyre outlets.

This system works by having a roller pressed against the tyre during the balancing procedure, simulating a road test. The roller will detect any inconsistency in the condstruction of the tyre which can cause a vibration even with a balanced wheel/tyre. This procedure is called "Road Force Measurement".

We can even tell if the vehicle will drift to one side of the road caused by a bias on the tyres, and then place them on the vehicle to have a nice smooth and straight ride, this system is called Straight Trak.

On a normal wheel balancer a faulty tyre cannot be detected and can leave the workshop still causing a vibration, supposedly balanced, not so with our Hunter Road Force System.

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