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BFGoodrich Tyre History with Tyrepower

A graphical illustration of the BFGoodrich tyre factory in Akron, Ohio. Smoke stacks and warehouses are visible. The BFGoodrich tyre brand grew to be the largest rubber factory in the world.

The very first tyre factory in Northern America was BFGoodrich, which was built in Akron Ohio by Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich in 1870. This was the birthplace of the American tyre industry and paved the way for brands like Cooper and Mickey Thompson.

Performance was always at the heart of BFGoodrich with Charles Cross Goodrich establishing the very first performance center for research and development. It wasn’t long after, BFGoodrich developed a tyre for the Winton Touring car, which was the first vehicle to cross the American continent from east to west.

Black and white image of workers inside a factory with rubber and tyres hanging from hooks. Workers look on inside the BJGoodrich rubber and tyre factory in Akron, Ohio.

BFGoodrich was always looking to improve mobility, in any industry, so when they decided to dive into the aerospace industry, they were welcomed with open arms. The brand was involved in the 75km/h speed record set in 1909, at the first international air race held in Reims, on a Curtiss Aeroplane Corporation plane.

In the 1920’s BFGoodrich was involved in something everyone thought wasn’t possible, to make a nonstop transatlantic crossing. The plane, Spirit of St. Louis piloted by experienced wingman Charles Lindbergh made the record flight with a set of BFG’s underneath.

BFGoodrich’s connection to the aviation industry didn’t stop there. In 1981, the tyre company produced a set of specially designed tyres for the Columbia Space Shuttle. The space shuttle was the first of its kind, a reusable shuttle equipped with BFGoodrich tyres.

A large space shuttle is landing on a dirt airfield in America. Space shuttle Columbia returns from a mission to space. Landing on a set of BFGoodrich tyres made in the USA.

BFGoodrich is known for its superior durability and performance in the world of off-road. The brand was breaking all kinds of records, including winning the Paris Dakkar rally 6 years in a row from 2002 to 2008, and five consecutive wins in the world rally championship.

The brand was untouchable, these days the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 is the all terrain tyre that every other tyre is measured against, it's the benchmark for off-road tyres. 4WD enthusiasts and those passionate about their tyres rate the KO2 as one of the best on the market.

A side-on view of the BFGoodrich All Terrain tyre on a rim with white lettering around the sidewall. The BFGoodrich All Terrain tyre is the AT that all other tyres are measured against. An industry standard.

Looking for something a little more aggressive? The KM3 by BFGoodrich is the tyre for you. Built tough with a tread to climb and claw its way over just about anything, it's the perfect tyre for the 4WD enthusiast tackling the Western Australian outback and its tracks.

Looking for BFGoodrich tyres in Western Australia? We have over 50 stores around WA with large stock on hand for BFG’s. Looking for a store? Simply use our store locator and get in touch with your local Tyrepower dealer.

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