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Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

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What is car suspension?

The suspension of a vehicle is the system of tyres, shock absorbers, linkages, and springs that connect a car to its wheels and allow movement between them.

The main goal of a car's suspension is to maximise the contact between the tyres and the road surface, providing good handling, steering stability, and comfort for passengers.

If you suspect your car needs a suspension repair service, get in touch with us. With 55 Tyrepower stores in Western Australia, there’s a Tyrepower store in a convenient location for you.

Main components of a suspension system

Coil spring and damper.

Your car's suspension system is made up of struts, shock absorbers, springs, and tyres. The two basic components of a vehicle’s suspension system are springs and dampers.


There are two types of springs commonly found in vehicles: coil springs and leaf springs.

The most commonly used springs in modern cars are coil springs. Leaf springs are usually found in older cars and many four-wheel-drive vehicles designed to carry heavier loads.

Dampers or shock absorbers

Dampers, or shock absorbers, work to control the motion of the spring, protecting the chassis from the vibration force caused when a wheel hits a bump at an uncontrolled rate. A suspension system without shock absorbers would be continually bouncing and suffer from a lack of control.

Shocks and struts are crucial for your driving safety. They control the spring and suspension movements and maintain a vertical load on the tyres. This helps to keep the tyres on the road.

Warning signs your car needs suspension repairs

Aside from regular check-ups, you may need to get a suspension repair if you notice there’s something wrong with your car. There are some warning signs that will tell you your suspension system is not working well:

Uneven ride height

Your car may have failed its springs or suspension if it is sitting lower on one side than the other while it is level on the ground where it is parked.

It is not advised to operate the vehicle in this situation as the steering and braking systems might be impaired.

Excessive body roll

If you notice your vehicle feels like it is going to tip over when going through corners, you may be experiencing excessive body roll.

Because of this, driving may be more challenging, turning may take longer, and emergency manoeuvres may be more challenging.

This problem might get worse because of worn shock absorbers and springs or even a broken sway bar. It is best to have your suspension system inspected to identify and replace worn suspension components.

Unevenly worn tyres

Uneven tyre wear on your car can also be a symptom of faulty suspension parts.

It may be a sign that there is a problem with your suspension system if you need to replace your tyres frequently or if they only show wear in one area of the tread.

Bouncy or unstable ride

When a car is experiencing suspension problems, one of the most obvious symptoms is a bouncy or unstable feeling.

It may be a sign that there is a problem with your car's suspension system if you notice that you are moving around excessively after driving over speed bumps and other uneven surfaces.

Clunking or "squeaking" noises

It may be a sign that some suspension bushes have failed and are allowing parts to contact each other if you hear clunking or squeaking noises while driving, particularly over bumps.

Suspension bushes are a style of connection that permits a certain amount of controlled movement between suspension components and are a wear item, and typically wear out or fail over time through normal use. Many bushings can last tens or even hundreds of thousands of kilometres.

Other components may sustain additional damage if they are not replaced, which could result in costly repairs.

When do I need a suspension repair?

Your tyres and brakes won’t perform well without a properly functioning suspension system. That’s why, in order to ensure a safe and comfortable drive for you and your passengers, make sure you keep a regular suspension service, as recommended by your car’s manufacturer.

Sticking to the recommended suspension service schedule will help identify any early indications that something may be wrong with your suspension system. This will also help you to avoid more costly repairs later on.

Book a suspension repair service with Tyrepower

Our experienced staff at 55 Tyrepower stores in Western Australia will carry out a thorough suspension inspection. This includes all bushes, shock absorbers, and other components. They will also road test the vehicle for any abnormal noises or excessive body roll.

If you notice your car’s suspension system isn’t performing as it should, or it is simply due for a service, come into your closest store in Western Australia, or give us a call on (08) 9444 2233.

Most makes and models can be repaired by our skilled team. To ensure your safety and comfort while driving, we'll check that all of your car's suspension components are in good working condition.

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