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Entertaining kids on long road trips

There is nothing more annoying then the constant "Are we there yet?" from the back seat on a family road trip so we've found a few ways to keep them quiet and help you log some serious kilometres in peace.

Electronic Entertainment: 

Download plenty of educational and just-for-fun games, movies, shows and music on a tablet, laptop or phone before leaving home. And why not through in a portable DVD player just in case. Just make sure to bring cables and chargers along or it will make for a long trip home. Audiobooks are also a good idea and you can listen to them as a family or on individual devices with headphones.

Creative Activities:

Whiteboard and dry erase pens - kids can draw, play tic-tac-toe or write notes to each other and then wipe it off and start again. Sticker and activity books are also a good idea and will save your car seats from pens. Instant film cameras also allow kids to take pictures and record it themselves.

Stuff to play with:

Busy boxes - fill a shoe box with flash cards, card games, matchbox cars, Legos, little dogs and figurines and any other bits and pieces. Your child can use the box as a playing surface and also decorate the box using stickers, markers or crayons.
Etch A Sketch or Aquadoodles are also a great idea and can keep kids busy for ages.
And most importantly, food. But make sure you bring some healthy stuff to as sugary treats may backfire later on.

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