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Christmas road trip tips

As everyone prepares to head off for the Christmas break, we’ve compiled a list of tips to make sure you’re safe on the roads.

1. Have your car serviced before you go.
Even if it’s just a basic car servicing check-up, your mechanic will ensure your car is in excellent working order, ready for any type of roads and long-distance driving.

2. Check the battery
Check your battery to make sure it’s strong and has clean terminals - we do FREE checks if you are unsure.

3. Check your tyres
Inspect your tyres for any tears or bulges in the side wall. The tyres should have a good amount of tread left. Make sure tyre pressure is set to the figures printed on the tyre placard, usually found on the driver’s door jam. A few extra Psi is recommended for long journeys.

4. Check your fluids
Ensure all your vehicles fluids are topped up, including engine oil, water, transmission, coolants, brakes and power steering.

5. Check your lights and indicators
Get one of your passengers to stand outside the car to check if your headlights, brake lights, indicators and high beams are working correctly.

6. Clean your windscreen
A simple but important tip is to make sure your windscreen is crystal clear on the inside and outside. This is especially important if you’ll be driving in low light, wet or dusty conditions.

7. Familiarise yourself with your cars cruise control
Make the long drive safer and more relaxing by using cruise control.

8. Plan for the worst case scenario
Be prepared for things to go wrong as they sometimes do. Always bring a map or GPS so you don’t get lost, and pack the following emergency basics: tyre changing kit, jumper cables, plenty of water, a thick cloth, torch, matches or lighter and first aid kit.

If you're heading into more remote areas beyond mobile phone range, considering taking a personal locator beacon so you can send a distress signal to emergency services if anything goes wrong and you need help urgently. Also ensure you have some food supplies on board and enough sleeping bags or blankets that is you were stranded in your broken-down car that you could stay warm overnight.

9.Stay awake
Try and have a good nights sleep the night before and take multiple breaks throughout the journey to stay fresh and energised. Fatigue and falling asleep at the wheel are a major contribution to highway accidents.

10. Take your time and enjoy the journey
Be patient, don’t rush and always put the safety of you and your passengers at the forefront of your mind. Consider the conditions, and slow down on wet or gravel roads. Your safety is paramount.

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