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How do I check my tyres air pressure?

Check the air pressure in your car tyres at least once a month. Certain brands of tyres can leak air pressure over time, so if you are tardy with checking tyre pressures you may be driving your car around in an unsafe and un-roadworthy condition!

You and your family’s safety is dependent on the condition of your vehicles tyres. The tyre tread depth is the major concern, but the air pressure is also very important. 

Low air pressure in your tyres can cause you to lose control of your vehicle in an accident emergency situation as the tyre will not perform as it is designed. Also, in wet conditions the tread grooves will not be opened to accept the film of water on the road, causing the tyres to slip over the surface and not grip as intended

To check the pressure in your tyres, firstly locate the valve and remove the screw on cap, fit the air chuck onto the valve and adjust the pressure according the gauge. To determine the correct air pressure, all vehicles have a Tyre Placard located on the vehicle, it may be on the driver’s door pillar, fuel cap, glovebox lid. When the tyre is at the correct pressure, remove the air chuck and check the valve is not leaking by placing sum spittle over the end ensuring there are no bubbles, then screw on the valve cap.

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